Friday, January 20, 2012

Not Your Grandma's Pressure Cooker!

If you've never used a pressure cooker, you don't know what you're missing. I've had one all of my adult life. I grew up listening to the sizzle of the pot on the stove, knowing my mom was making something yummy, despite having worked long, hard hours away from home. I love the fact that I can start with frozen anything, and it can be falling off the bone within thirty minutes, depending on the cut of meat. The pressure cookers I grew up with were a little scary. Once, and only once, I knocked off the metal vent cover and witnessed (as soon as I ran for safety) a spewing geyser of boiling broth. My last pressure cooker did a great job, but after a year, the gasket didn't seal and I always had a mess. 

When I was given the opportunity to review a Nesco Electric Pressure Cooker, I was thrilled! The 6 Liter 3-in-1 Digital Pres. Cooker is sleek and it looks great in my kitchen. I love the finish and the numerous features. The Nesco® 6 Liter stainless steel pressure cooker also functions as a Slow Cooker and a Steamer! It has a programmable digital timer that can be set to delay cooking up to eight hours. It's ideal for making healthy & delicious home made soups, stews and chili. Fish, chicken, and vegetables cook to perfection in minutes. Pressure cooking preserves flavors and nutrients, and speed cooks inexpensive cuts of meat into great tasting meals. The 6 Liter pressure cooker comes with a with removeable non-stick chamber, steam rack, and instruction manual/recipe book.


• Pressure cook - Two pressure settings

• Slow cook up to 9-1/2 hours

• Steam - steaming rack included

• Brown

• Warm or reheat food

• 6 - Liter Capacity

• Worry-Free Operation

• Cover locks securely into place.

• Safety steam release prevents cover from being opened until pressure is reduced to a safe level.

 It was easy to use. I have used it twice so far and it will be used often! I added frozen chicken the first time I used it. I filled it 4/5 full (there are markings on the inside of the pot to help you measure) and closed the lid. I was worried because I filled it so full of liquid. I would have never added so much if I used a stovetop pressure cooker. The lid only goes on one way and it tightens smoothly. I set the timer and waited. It wasn't long before I began hearing a noise. I could tell the pressure was building. When the timer began to count down, I stared in amazement. It was QUIET! No sizzles and I couldn't hear it from another room. I couldn't hear it as I stood next to it! When timer stopped, I allowed it to cool before opening the vent. I had chicken that was falling off the bone! I made some rice in the stock after removing the chicken. I hit the button that is used to brown food. My stock began to boil and I added rice, turning it off before it was done and I allowed it to finish cooking as it cooled. Perfect! I like the browning function. Since you can use this as a slow cooker, you can brown your meat (chili, beef stew, ect) and slow cook in the same pot! You can also use the steamer provided to steam veggies and you can use it to reheat food or keep it warm! I can honestly say, I will never go back to a standard pressure cooker. I'll also hesitate before pulling out my expensive slow cooker that also enables me to brown meats before slow cooking. I'm really happy with it! Look for more Nesco reviews soon! Check them out on facebook and like them for a chance to WIN!
Disclosure: Nesco or representing PR firm provided numerous products for me to test and review at home. No monetary compensation received.

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