Monday, January 16, 2012

Bubble Gum Art Co.

I never really cared for caramels. They're good, but they stick to your teeth and threaten to remove teeth or fillings with each and every bite. At least that's the case with the store bought caramels I've tried. When I first spotted Bubble Gum Art Co.'s caramels on Etsy, I thought they looked good. I wasn't sure if I would be tempted to eat more than a few. As I said before, I never really cared for them. But it wasn't the flavor that turned me off, just the idea of scraping them off my teeth. After I received The Most Delicious Soft and Buttery Caramels Ever - Jumbo Caramels for a special event, I had to open one up and try it immediately. Afterwards, I thought about keeping them all to myself. I never tasted a caramel more buttery or soft. They didn't stick to my teeth the way other caramels do and they were bursting with the richest flavor! Buttery and smooth, I wanted to melt a few and pour them over ice cream...and anything else I could get my hands on. They were generous in size and it took at least two bites to devour each one! At the shower, they went fast and because I had some left over, the happy couple could take some home and they even shared with the NICU nurses! We were also left with a few, and they disappeared quickly right under my nose. Sam (my three year old) found them and began sneaking them, one by one until they were gone. I discovered the wrappers later. Sam was really devastated when they were gone. He loves chocolate as much as I do and let me tell you, these were sitting next to a candy jar filled with chocolates. Did he touch them? Nope. He only had eyes for these delicious caramels. I liked them just as much too! Visit Bubble Gum Art Co. and try them...You won't be disappointed! Caramels will arrive divided in one pound increments (18 jumbo caramels) and each pound will be in a clear gift bag topped with a beautiful bow twist tie at no extra charge! Perfect for giving...and keeping!
Disclosure: I was sent caramels for a special baby shower. No monetary compensation received.

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