Sunday, August 28, 2011

Magical Whimsy

I never knew how much I could love pretty paper! I am the type of person that searches for the prettiest wrapping paper, cards, and stationary I can find. I don't scrapbook and I am not a very crafty person. I never really thought about all the things that could be made with paper. When I found Magical Whimsy on Etsy, I discovered so many beautiful things!
 Denise is the talented artist behind the name and she has a knack for taking paper (pretty or plain) and melting your heart. I supplied the colors and theme and waited patiently to see the creations! Denise sent us an assortment of paper creations for our special baby shower. My favorite item? A name banner featuring the name of a very special baby! This banner was made using cutouts, layered to make perfect alphabet cards for each letter of the baby's name with a beautiful butterfly on each end. The butterfly wings could be folded back to add some dimension to the banner! The "letters" were all tied together with shimmering pink ribbon! I hung the banner from my mantle and placed all the gifts below. The banner now has a special place in the baby's nursery! We also received a few butterflies to use in centerpieces. I used one in the chocolate pop display shown above!
 We were sent cupcake toppers and cupcake wrappers. I have never used wrappers, and after using them, I hope I am never without them! I made cupcakes with and without wrappers so you could see the difference. The plain baking cups do not stand out. The wrappers really made my cupcakes more beautiful and they were so easy to put together! The cupcake toppers were perfect and made my cupcakes coordinate with my garden theme. I used clear favor cupcake containers (so guests could also take a cupcake home) and I punched a hole in each top for the "lollipop stick" to pass through. The butterflies and flowers were double sided, so they looked great from any angle.
 We also received a gorgeous shimmering butterfly mobile topped with pretty shimmering ribbons. The butterflies had beads between them to reflect the light and add some glitz and glam to baby's room! Paper butterflies fluttered with each breeze (ceiling fans and walking by sent them dancing!) and I could imagine a baby gazing up at them, mesmerized by their graceful movement! Magical Whimsy can create magic for your baby's room. Check her out on Etsy!
Disclosure: I was sent these items for a special shower. Items were necessary to provide accurate reviews and were given to our guest of honor at the shower. Honest opinions were given. No monetary compensation received.

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