Friday, May 13, 2011

The Greatest Birthday Tees Anywhere!

If you've been reading my blog then you'll remember Olive & Ollie. Heather is the creative designer and owner, and personally, I think she is the greatest!  Hands down, this is one of my favorite Etsy sites. I discovered Olive & Ollie when I was looking for Sam's first birthday tee. I already had one promised for Logan.
Heather sent an adorable tee and matching bib. It was love at first site! From that point on, I made Heather my exclusive birthday tee creator. She was in, even if I had to pay for it! Last year, Logan and Sam received tees. This year, she did it again.  Once you visit her site, you'll understand. Her appliqued tees and accessories are made to last. My kids still wear last years tees and they still look great! The appliques are still in perfect condition.
 Heather is a genius with needle and thread. I love the way she uses fabric to create her various designs. One of my favorites? Dexter the Dinosaur pictured above! She also creates the sweetest lounge sets for little boys and girls. Here's a hint, they make great pajamas for Christmas morning pictures! This year, she took a Pirate Ship Tee and made it into a birthday tee for Sam! I love how the ship really stands out against the black tee.
Logan received a  Sailboat Tee for his birthday. I think it was the perfect design for him because he loves boats! The cool blue tee makes it the perfect choice for our hot and humid weather outside. I searched for any flaws and they were nonexistent. I even had my mom look. Since she sews, I thought she would be able to spot a flaw if it was there. I didn't expect her to find anything and she didn't! Olive & Ollie always use quality tees and fabrics. She can create anything, at least, I think she can! She takes her time and pours love into each piece, giving each the attention it deserves! Visit her blog and find out about special savings. There, you will also see her other projects! She shares her love of quilts and fabrics, and it's a great read!
Disclosure: I was sent a tee or Logan and Sam in exchange for this post. Honest opinions given. Thank you Heather for being so great. It was nice sharing our special day with you!

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