Thursday, May 19, 2011


 There are a lot of reasons I like Bud "the Pieman" Royer. His pies are only one of them. First, Bud supports our troops! Sending his delicious Bud's Chocolate Chip Pie would be a morale boost for just about anyone, troops included. If you don't have a soldier in mind, they do, and I couldn't think of a better gift. Another reason I like Bud? He's a lot of fun. One look at his site is all it takes to feel his passion about food and people. You can "hear" a smile in the words he writes, and that's important too. Life is so much better when you love what you do. It's also better when you can eat pie anytime you want it!
For Logan and Sam's birthday, Bud sent us a couple of pies to try. I'm not really a pie lover, and I don't think I've ever reviewed one for that reason. Looking at Bud's Chocolate Chip Pie had me rethinking things one afternoon. Just maybe, I had found a pie that I would like. When I checked out the Royers Round Top Cafe, I also found another pie that looked like it might be a winner. It was! Bud's Butterscotch Chip Pie is a dessert we still talk about.
These pies shipped well and arrived in perfect condition. I heated them before serving and they had that fresh baked cookie taste, still warm from the oven. The Bud's Chocolate Chip Pie was my favorite, but that's because I favor anything with chocolate. I think the Butterscotch Chip Pie would have been my favorite if it had a little chocolate in it! Bud's Chocolate Chip Pie was like an enormous, thick cookie full of chocolate chips and pecans. It was moist and a little gooey, but not so much that it didn't hold it's shape when you cut it. It wasn't so rich that you couldn't sit back and enjoy yourself after polishing off a piece either! It's best served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. If you ask me, Bud's Pies were made for vanilla ice cream. They compliment each other beautifully! Bud's Butterscotch Chip Pie seemed crunchier, more like a crisper cookie with less of the ooey-gooey stuff inside. Maybe I heated it a little longer than recommended, but I liked the crunch! The butterscotch chips gave this delicious pie a flavor that wowed our guests and made Logan and Sam beg for seconds. Sadly, it was gone! A scoop of vanilla takes this pie from out of this world to out of this galaxy and beyond! If you're lucky enough to live close to Round Top, Texas, check our their Cafe. They offer more than pie on the menu. It looks like the kind of place you write home about. I don't know for sure, but maybe one day I will. Until then, Eat More Pie! Just make sure it's Bud's. I'd hate for you to be disappointed!
Disclosure: I was sent two pies for review. No monetary compensation received and honest opinions given.

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