Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wonka For Easter!!!

The Gerber Babies love Wonka, and I think they love us too! They played a big part in our Birthday Bash, sending plenty of sweets for our treat bags and then some!  My kids loved Kazoozles. They are two licorice ropes that you pull apart. Each lemon flavored rope is filled with fruit punch filling and dusted with sour sugar crystals. They are chewy and delicious! My kids didn't take them apart, but I don't blame them. They may be too good to share! The Rainbow Nerds Rope was cool, but it was a little messy. Sam dropped Nerds everywhere. I think this is a treat best enjoyed outside! My favorites were the new Easter candies. Waterfall Eggs and a Huge Dark Chocolate Waterfall Egg to be exact. The only problem? The Huge Waterfall Egg is hollow! Oh, well. It was good while it lasted. Some of our guests enjoyed a pinata filled with Spree, BottleCaps, SweeTarts, and Gobstoppers. Lets not forget Laffy Taffy (banana is my favorite!), Nerds, Fun Dip, Runts, and Shockers! Thank you for the sweet treats!  Wonka, we love you!
Disclosure: I was sent a HUGE box of candy for our Birthday Bash. I offered this post in return. Only my honest opinions were given.

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My Life as a Mom, Wife and Nana said...

Hope your family had a wonderful time on the Sunset Dolphin Tour - it looked like you did! We enjoyed having y'all aboard! I will check out your blog! Enjoy your stay in the Golden Isles & if you get a chance to visit Baconton United Methodist Church please tell my Daddy (Ron Thorne) and Ernie (the Pastor) I sent you! :-)
Looking forward to your pictures!