Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Infantino Cloud Shopping Cart Cover

I've bought three very different shopping cart covers in the last eight years. If only I knew then what I know now! The first cover was very basic and it only covered the front and back, leaving the sides within Logan's reach. One day I was shopping and I saw a mom pushing her baby in a cart. She had what seemed like the perfect cover. Her baby seemed to love this cover and it covered everything! I asked her where she bought it and I immediately bought one of my own. It was good, but it was far from perfect. It kept the germs away, but it was huge! When Sam came along I used that cover, but with two kids and a smaller car, I didn't have a lot of extra space for that bulky cover. I decided to look around for another cover. Soon, I bought a cool cover that had a matching pillow, thinking it looked really comfortable. It all zipped up into a great little tote. It was nice, but the pillow was useless to us. Sam would throw it every chance he got and it would end up on the floor. Finally, I got rid of the pillow and used this cover throughout his first two (almost three) years. It was also good, but still not perfect. Recently, I was sent a new Infantino shopping cart cover to try and I loved it!!! The Infantino Cloud Shopping Cart Cover sports a stylish pattern perfect for boys and girls! It features two toy loops which are, in my opinion, completely necessary! The adjustable safety belt is easy to adjust and the cover keeps everyone clean! You can spot clean it or toss it in your washing machine as needed. I love this new cover and I think it is a well thought out product. It stretches to fit most carts and you can use it on highchairs too! So far, it's close to perfect! I'm happy and so is Sam! If I had to come up with something to make it better, I couldn't, aside from offering a "twin" version. That would be nice when shopping at stores that offer a double seat! Also, a pocket to hold a bottle or sippy cup would be nice!
Disclosure: MomCentral provided this product in exchange for this review. No monetary compensation received.

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