Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Enjoy Life And Your Sweets!

 Everyone should enjoy life to the fullest. And Enjoy Life helps you do just that! By not sweating over the small stuff, you can enjoy your sweets and know that you are taking a healthier approach to snacking! I recently tried Soft Baked Lively Lemon Cookies, which were not too sweet and full of tang! Biting into this soft moist cookie, I experienced the flavors of Spring. Cool and refreshing, I'd say Lively Lemon Cookies put some spring into my step and made me want to head outdoors and soak up some sunshine!
 I also tried Soft Baked Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies. This heavier cookie tastes like a moist brownie bite. While lacking some of the depth and richness of my favorite brownies, this cookie makes it possible to indulge without leaving you feeling sick and giving you a chocolate hangover afterwards. It's nice to take a hefty dose of chocolate every now and then and not regret it later! If I could change one thing, I'd add more chips. But I'm a chocoholic, so go figure.
Snickerdoodle Cookies used to be my least favorite cookie, aside from the dreaded Oatmeal Raisin. I guess my tastes are changing. Maybe the cookies just keep getting better and better as new recipes are created or old ones are tweaked. Either way, these Snickerdoodle cookies are a true delight! The cinnamon sugar sparkles, both in the box and on my tastebuds. It's easy to get carried away and before long, you'll find yourself holding the last one. Scary, but hey, no one has to know. Enjoy Life cookies are gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, tree-nut free, soy free, egg free and casein-free snacks. Get yours online or find a store near you!
Disclosure: I was sent three boxes of cookies in order to complete this review. No monetary compensation received.

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