Friday, February 25, 2011

Casa Di Bertacchi Meatballs

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. We love to cook, but sometimes we don't have the time to make something from scratch. When that happens, we reach for great products that taste like they were made at home. I was sent a package of Casa Di Bertacchi Meatballs to try with my family. I'm not a huge meatball fan, but my family loves them. We made them several ways. First, I used cooked the meatballs in a sauce and poured them over pasta for a familiar family dinner. They were really tender and juicy!We also decided to try Bacon Wrapped Meatballs! They were ready in under 30 minutes and they were so flavorful and delicious! They make perfect appetizers, but I could easily make a meal out of them. The next time you want a quick meal, grab a bag of Casa Di Bertacchi Meatballs and create a meal that packs a lot of heart and soul in each bite! Find them here!
Disclosure: I was sent a bag of Meatballs in order to complete this review. No monetary compensation received.

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