Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Krups Precise Tamp

I think everyone in my family loves coffee and espresso except me. My husband even roasts his own beans and grinds them fresh almost daily. I love to be in the house when he does because it smells so wonderful! Even though I don't drink it, I love to use my Krups. We've had a Krups Espresso Machine for years. We used it several times each week. It still works perfectly, but I have recently passed it on to my brother. It looks similar to my new Krups Precise Tamp XP5240, but the old one lacks some of the flash because it's black! My new Precise Tamp is neater because of the self tamping feature and I think it's easier to use, thanks to all the improvements! The machine does not include the espresso cups or the frothing pitcher, but it does include a handy spoon which stores under the lid next to the water reservoir.


  • Krups Precise Tamp extracts the perfect cup every time for delicious espresso, cappuccino, or latte.

  • Preheats twice as fast thanks to the powerful 1400 watt thermoblock.

  • Create delicious cappuccino and latte with the new easy cleaning frothing nozzle.

  • Redesigned steam nozzle locks in place and is easier to maintain.

  • Universal filter holder with no mess cake ejection system.

  • Filter holder fits for ground coffee, ESE or soft pods, and 1 or 2 cups.

The top of the machine features a compartment to hold the water container and it also stores a spoon that's perfect for filling the filter holder. The filter features a no mess ejection system. When you are ready to remove grounds, simply take filter to your compost container or trash, turn filter upside down and press ejector button! Almost all of the grounds are removed! The water reservoir can be filled at the sink. It has an easy to read max. fill line. When you fill it, lift the lid on the back of the machine and slide the reservoir in place. Fold the handle down and close the lid. Then you are ready to go!

The filter locks in place, tamping the grounds as it turns. I used enough grounds for two cups of espresso. When I slid the filter in place, I turned the camera off so I could tighten the filter.

I didn't talk throughout my videos because I wanted you to be able to hear the machine. It's a little noisy, but many espresso machines that I've been around have seemed louder. It certainly does a wonderful job! Clean up is easy. Just don't steam your milk until the frothing nozzle is immersed!

Disclosure: I was sent a Krups Precise Tamp in exchange for this review. No monetary compensation received.

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