Monday, November 1, 2010

Hilton's Gourment Bakery

I love Banana Bread and I love Blueberry Bread. I love them more when they come from Hilton's Gourmet Bakery! Why? Because they are loaded with all the good stuff and that puts them over the top! The Blueberry Bread was so filled with blueberries that it barely held together. It was almost impossible to cut into neat slices or squares. I didn't mind though, and neither did my guests! The Banana Bread With Walnuts was not overly sweet and loaded with bananas and walnuts. It was easier to slice. Once it hit my mouth, it melted and put me into a state of bliss! I received two loaves of each for a special shower and the guests raved about each one. They made a beautiful display and the gorgeous blueberries really stood out. My tray had to be refilled several times because everyone kept coming back for more! The loaves were quite heavy too! These are not lightweight breads. But don't get the wrong impression! They may feel heavy, but they do not sit heavy on your stomach! They were the perfect party food! Visit Hilton's Gourmet Bakery and feast your eyes on their lovely desserts!
Disclosure: I received these products for a special event with the promise of a review. No monetary compensation received and honest opinions given.

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