Monday, October 18, 2010

Get Ready To Be Tempted!

 I have to admit, I love sweets. Even though I'm not much of a candy snob, I still appreciate a pretty package. I think a beautiful presentation can take ordinary candy and make it extraordinary! When I stumbled upon Temptation Sweets, I wondered if they would be different from other online candy stores. They seemed to offer many of my favorites, and they also put a lot of emphasis on presentation! Their visitor friendly site welcomed me and pulled me in. I wanted a little of everything, especially their charming Halloween Gifts!  
 I don't allow my kids to trick-or-treat. They get dressed up and they may visit my brother, parents, and a grandmother but I wouldn't dare send them out to a stranger's house for candy! Afterwards, we watch Halloween movies and stay up late eating treats. Logan is old enough to realize how trick-or-treating works, and he knows that compared to his friends, he may not score as many sweets. Last year (to soften the blow) I made "Halloween Baskets" but this year I'm considering Temptation Candy's  Pumpkin Face Halloween Pails! I can order a pail filled with over a pound of candy. That's more than enough for Halloween night!
I know Temptation Candy has the greatest favors. They sent enough Bridal Favors for a very special bridal shower I hosted. Each guest was treated to a seven inch glass miniature champagne bottle filled with silver M&Ms! The silver bottle labels featured various sweet sayings and each bottle was sealed with an actual cork and wrapped with silver tape for an elegant touch! Temptation Candy has favors and gifts for just about any occasion. They won me over with their selection and their  finishing touches that made everything really special! Temptation Candy tempted and teased me and our guests. When it's all said and done, I'll be back, because I know they tempt and tease better than the rest! Or at least, that's my experience!
Disclosure: I was sent favors (in order to review) for a very special bridal shower. No monetary compensation received and honest opinions given.

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