Monday, October 11, 2010

Battle Of The Bugs!

Have you heard of Hexbug? We had a Hexbug party and found out just how cool these little robots are! We received Hexbug Nanos and they come in neat little test tubes. Great packaging! They would be perfect stocking stuffers because of their size. The Nanos will set you back $7-$10 each, depending on where you shop. While some might not like that price point, I can appreciate their durability and the fact that the batteries can be replaced. For that price, I think it's well worth it. Each Nano features a little black on/off switch. You may find that it is rarely used. Once you turn them on, you really don't want to turn them off again! We all loved the way they scurried from here to there, moving like real bugs. My cats loved them too. They can entertain you for hours. The habitat and bridge set were also great and very easy to set up. It was fun to watch these bugs battle it out! The only complaint I have is the low battery life. I also wish they looked more real. But then again, maybe it's good that they don't. I'd hate to step on one while it scurried around, thinking it was the real deal!
Disclosure: MomSelect sent a Hexbug Party Kit for me to share. No monetary compensation received. Thank you MomSelect!

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