Thursday, September 9, 2010

Too Pretty To Eat? How Could You Resist!

Linda's Edible Art really is too pretty to eat! I was sent an order of her delicious Dragonflies. The cookies are by far the most exquisite cookies ever. They are delicate and light. The piping is intricate and the touch of edible sparkles gives these cookies flair! The dragonfly cookies are not overly sweet. I can taste a hint of lemon and a touch of vanilla. It's nice to eat a sugar cookie that doesn't taste like it drowned in sugar! I thought the cookie decorations would make up for the sweetness, but no. They don't need a sugar bath to be good. She mastered it all with the perfect combination of ingredients. These cookies are refined, in a class of their own. Linda's Edible Art has put a polish on her cookies. These are perfect for weddings and showers, teaparties and other events! Order plenty. Trust me, you'll want extras!
Disclosure: I was sent cookies for a special party in exchange for this review. No monetary compensation received.

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