Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Real Power Juicer!

I usually see the "as seen on tv" labels and keep my distance. I don't know why, I just do. This would prove to be a mistake. A very big mistake! When we looked for a juicer about two years ago, we searched for a powerful unit and we thought we found the right one. We received it as a gift. It is a great machine, but it's bulky and it cost over $500. We hardly ever use it. Recently, I was sent a Jack LaLanne  Power Juicer Express. The juicer was sent for a special couple just months away from their wedding date. They were so eager to try the juicer and I was invited to a demo and tasting! The couple had tried it out a few times and I was a little worried (because I'm a picky eater and drinker) about what they would create for me to try. Apples. They were washed and ready to go. Then, a few carrots were cleaned. I don't like apple juice and I don't like carrots. I'm more of an orange and grape juice type of gal! This wasn't looking good. I thought I'd be okay if I gulped and swallowed really fast. I watched the machine grind the apples and carrots. I couldn't believe my eyes. The machine only left a powdery material behind, and it was almost colorless. To me, this means all the nutrients would be found in my glass. Just before my glass was ready, they grabbed fresh spinach leaves and juiced them too. Yuck. What a combination for someone that doesn't even like plain apple juice!I put on a very fake smile and slowly sipped, very afraid of what my reaction might be. Amazing! I love fresh apples and I could taste them! It was nothing like store bought apple juice. The carrots could be tasted but they only added a wonderful sweetness. I didn't taste the spinach at all. Wow! This machine is easy to clean and full of great features! Right now, if you buy one you also get one free if you pay the extra shipping and handling fees! That's a great deal! The juicer is small enough to find a permanent home on many counters which means you might actually use it more often!Check it out and pick up one for yourself and one for a gift!!!!
Disclosure: I was sent a juicer in order to complete this review. No monetary compensation received and honest opinions given!

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