Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Zhu Zhu Went Kung Zhu!

Logan and Sam were introduced to Zhu Zhu Pets last year. They loved playing with them and I adored the little noises they made. After a few months, Logan came to me and said they were more for girls, and he retired them to the back of the closet. I can see why he felt that way. I was really bummed because I thought they were great. When I found out about Kung Zhu, I couldn't wait to tell Logan all about them! There isn't anything girly about them. Rough and tough, these little warriors fight to the death when you power them up! Complete with battle armor, vehicles, and a training center, these little pets are perfect for kids looking for action!!! The set is very easy to assemble. We didn't have any problems and we loved that you could change the layout with ease. The set does take up quite a bit of space, and we cleared off a table for our first battle. Logan was very impressed with the masculinity of these little hamsters. I don't think he will be putting his down anytime soon! Special Forces vs. Ninjas. We went with Special Forces, in honor of my dear husband! It was fun to watch the hamsters battle it out in the arena. Their fights drew a crowd, and some fights ended in a draw. If your child has a birthday coming up, get a hamster or two and the arena. Add on to the set at Christmas and other special occasions. That keeps things new and interesting too! Visit their website for even more! Kung Zhu Pets have cool names and even cooler stories. Their web site is loaded with bios and other great information!
Disclosure: I was sent a box full of Kung Zhu to share with my kids and community! No monetary compensation received and honest opinions given. Thanks MomSelect!!!

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Gina F said...

My daughter loves the Zhu Zhu pets. I am really glad they came out for one for boys to enjoy. Great Review!!! :o)