Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Long Lasting Twilight

Last week, I received the most beautiful basket arrangement from Teleflora! I picked out the Twilight Garden Gift Basket because I loved the stunning mix of flowers and the colors were deep and rich! My mom was having a tough time and I passed this arrangement on to her. I knew it would bring her a little happiness and brighten her day! She loves the arrangement, which features some of her favorite flowers- carnations! I did manage to take a set of pictures every day for the first four days. Sadly, because of the loss of a loved one last week and also helping another loved one recover from illness, I did not have the opportunity to post updates as often as I wanted.
I was very pleased that the roses stayed tight during the first four days. They had a mild fragrance that was noticeable anytime you found yourself close by. The greenery was lush and full and the frilly pink carnations looked fresh picked days later! My Lily still takes center stage and it's petals are still in perfect condition. As far as care, I misted daily and twice, I carried the arrangement to my kitchen sink and I watered it well. After four days, my Twilight Garden looks as beautiful as the day Hadden's Flowers & Gifts delivered it!
I still consider this my favorite bouquet. I still haven't figured out what those smokey blue flowers are, but they added so much to the arrangement! Visit Teleflora and see how easy it is to send flowers to to that special person in your life!  
To Disclose: I have a long term relationship with Teleflora. I was required to post an initial review only, no updates. I posted this update to show my readers how well this arrangement "ages."


Anonymous said...

Birth is much but breeding is more. 加油! ....................................................

Gina F said...

I love it. I hope your mom feels better soon. Thanks for stopping by long time no see girl. It was nice to see your comment on my blog again. Take Care! :o)