Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Resident Monster With The Onesie To Prove It!

I love baby clothes. My favorite designs are usually appliques or embroidered. While I am normally drawn to these designs, I was excited to find something completely different! And if you know anything about me, then you'll know that I love different! Sam is our resident monster, and he's often introduced as our little monster when out and about. At least he is when my husband makes the introductions. I usually agree in silence, but I point out that he keeps things interesting! He began his terrible two's at birth and he is only now beginning to cut us some slack. When I found this onesie, I had to have it! This "Little Monster" onesie is my new favorite!

These designs are the creation of Jenifer, owner of Cantaloupe Corner, Etsy star and talented artist. She uses a dye removal process and the designs are made using the absence of color. I think that's pretty neat! The design color that you get from the dye removal process is similar in color to bleach stains, but it is not obtained by using bleach. It's also much more exact than my at-home bleach designs! No spills or splatters! The color may be absent, but the coolness of each design is not! I found so many designs that I wanted to add to our wardrobe. From "Pirate Ship" design to "Little Engineer", it was hard to pick until I found the Little Monster design. Then it seemed that fate had stepped in and decided for me! And ladies, check out her "Depth Of Love Design!" It's gorgeous! There is no ink, bleach, or paint used on the designs and each item meets CPSIA standards of being lead free and safe for babies. I've already washed Sam's onesie and it was simple. I did not have to turn it inside out (which I often fail to do-hey, I've got too much on my mind these days!) and it looked new after washing. Sometimes black fades after the first wash but this onesie held it's color (and lack of color) well! She offers several colors and a variety of sizes. Each item arrives wrapped in tissue paper, perfect for giving! Check her out and fall for something different!
To Disclose: This onesie was sent in order to complete this review. No monetary compensation received and honest opinions were given.

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Jenifer said...

Thanks for the review! I'm so happy you like your onesie! He sure is a cute "little monster".