Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meet Joebot, From Discovery!!

For as long as I can remember, Logan has had a fascination with robots. Several times a year he asks for one. I really had not found the ideal robot for a child his age until now. Meet Joebot, a Discovery Exclusive! He has quite the personality! Joebot is a walking, talking interactive buddy is full of comedic banter and packed with tons of features for endless hours of fun! He has a friendly voice and a very expressive face, for a robot!
Joebot is equipped with infrared vision and the ability to detect both sounds and obstacles. He will guard your child's room and listen to your voice commands. Joebot can  be set in a number of modes. We all love to watch him dance and Logan has enjoyed making up different beats and laughing with amazement as Joebot plays it back! The battle mode is really cool to watch because he blasts away at any objects with his LED hands. We can even square off with him head-to-head via remote control!
Joebot features:
Program and record Joebot to perform a sequence of motions and actions of up to 40 different steps.
LED indicator lights in face, chest, and arms indicate his mood and thoughts.
Set to multiple, interactive modes for hours of fun, including:
Battle mode: Using his hand LEDs, Joebot will pretend to shoot down anything that comes in his path.
Patrol mode: Let Joebot wander around freely as he inspects and makes comments on his environment and surrounds.
Guard mode: Intruders, beware! Joebot can stand guard to scan and listen for any trespassers.
Talk mode: Learn more about Joebot’s life as a robot, plus get tips and advice on how to use him.
Game mode: Go head-to-head with Joebot in a Simon Says-type game. Copy his moves and see how long you can keep up!
Dance mode: Watch as Joebot show off his moves!
Equipped with built-in microphone for voice command control – no remote needed.
Initiate commands first by saying “Robot” followed by directions, such as “Forward!”, “Go left!”, or “Stop!”
IR sensors provide ability to “see” any object within 15 inches (40cm) directly in front of him.

Joebot has been a great addition to the family. It does take some practice and time to learn all of Joebot's functions because there is so many of them! Logan does get frustrated every now and then because Joebot may not understand certain commands. Logan continues to practice and this does improve. The problem may lie with Logan's missing two front teeth! Logan is making new discoveries everyday with Joebot. I gave him the manual and allowed him to learn on his own. Whenever he masters something new, he has to show off! Joebot really is a lot of run. He walks, talks, and even sleeps. He has provided endless entertainment and my kids adore him. Since he can do so many different things, Logan hasn't grown bored! Check out Discovery Joebot and play the preview clip. This is one toy that won't sit alone in a corner. At least, it hasn't in my house!
To Disclose: Joebot was sent in order to complete this review. No monetary compensation received.

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