Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bringing The Outdoors In. Bugs, Cows, And All!

As you can see, we LOVE Prince Lionheart! Last year, Sam received a small Wheely Bug. It is his favorite toy! He uses it as a ride-on, a stool, a chair, and he's even turned it upside down to use as a ramp for his toy cars! This year, we noticed that he was just beginning to outgrow it. His feet were slightly dragging across the floor and he would have to lift them up when he drifted around corners. He could use it for another 6 months or longer, but we decided to try for a larger ride-on! For our birthday bash, my little dare devil upgraded to a large Wheely Cow! While he never leaves his bug behind, he favors his brand new cow. The wooden horns are darling! The Cow and the Bug are both padded comfortably and the handle is covered in a no slip material. Every time Sam gets on his Wheely Cow, he really means business. He is so serious and he really gets into it. He makes motor noises and drives around like a pro. When Logan (or one of us!) gets in the way, he races towards him! When we think an accident is inevitable, he turns the cow sideways and slides, stopping just shy of Logan's toes! We have so much fun watching him, and he has so much fun riding his Wheely Cow! The only thing that I don't like? This one can be used as a slightly taller stool than his Wheely Bug, so I have to really watch what I put on the kitchen counters!
To Disclose: Sam was sent a Wheely Cow in order to complete this review. No monetary compensation received.

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