Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Old Style Desserts

There are those that like a little frosting with their cake. And then there are others that prefer a little cake with their frosting. If you fall into the latter group, you need to listen up. I've found it. The ultimate chocolate died and gone to heaven experience. Mud Cake. Thick, rich, and oh so decadent. It's from Old Style Desserts!
Mud Cake is a 10 inch masterpiece and it weighs quite a bit! According to the site, it will serve 16. If 16 people could polish off this cake at one sitting, I'd be surprised. Moist chocolate cake is topped with chocolate Mousse. It's finished with premium imported chocolate, smothered in chocolate ganache, then surrounded by dark chocolate chips. The cake is awesome!I can usually handle rich cake without any problem. Not this time. I think I've met my match. Seriously, I cut this into 16 pieces and then I had to go back and slice each piece in half. After doing that, some of our guests still couldn't finish their slice. Before you think that those slices were wasted, I was asked by almost everyone to wrap their leftover slice to go!
We also tried the delicious Caramel Apple Cake. Surprisingly, this cake wasn't too sweet. It sure looked like it would be! Fresh sliced apples lightly enhanced by selected spices, surrounded by a shortbread crust with the most incredible topping, made with a combination of buttery home style streusel and melted caramel! Each of the flavors really stood out. You could taste each element and while this 10 inch cake serves 16, don't count on leftovers, and get your slice while you can.
This was my very first experience with Old Style Desserts. They offered to send us both of these cakes for our birthday party! They have an enormous assortment of cakes and tortes, and they even have some of the most beautiful miniature desserts and pastries! Their White Carnation Pastries are perfect for weddings and showers and their presentation is simply stunning. Check out Old Style Desserts for mail order treats fit for a king... and queen!
To Disclose: Old Style Desserts provided both of these delicious cakes in order to complete this review. No, they didn't pay me to say that. And they didn't pay me to say these cakes are better than anything I could have baked or even my grandmother, for that matter. Go ahead and add them to your wish list! They're on mine!

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Gina F said...

It's 12:00 a.m and now I am so hungry after seeing that. Now, I want something SWEET. It's all your FAULT!! HA! HA! HAVE A BLESS DAY!!!