Friday, April 16, 2010

The Best Way To Eat Fruit!

This year, we were delighted to find out that Edible Arrangements would be providing an arrangement for our Birthday Bash! I've never had the opportunity to see one of their arrangements in person and they always look so good in commercials! I couldn't wait for ours to arrive. Our closet store was in Tallahassee, so we knew we were outside of the delivery area. No problem! My husband picked up the arrangement and he called me immediately. This arrangement was huge, according to him. I was a bit worried about the size when I found out that we were getting the small Delicious Party Dipped Bananas. When you see pictures displayed on the website, they usually feature the large size.
When my husband arrived, I met him at the door. The arrangement was huge! According to him, it traveled well. The container base sits in a large cardboard tray and the arrangement was completely wrapped. It barely fit in our refrigerator! It was so tempting, but we had to wait until the next day to try it! That day arrived and we removed the cardboard and the wrap. The arrangement took up quite a bit of counter space. It was nice to offer a healthy choice at our party! All of the fruit is help in place by sharp skewers. Be careful! I tried the strawberries first. It has been years since I had a really great one. These strawberries were plump and juicy and had the most intense strawberry flavor. If they weren't the best I've ever had, they were close. The cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes, and pineapple were just as great. The dipped bananas were incredible! This would easily be enough for 30-40 guests if you have other party food available! I know I'll be ordering another fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements soon! Be sure to visit the FAQ page for lots of helpful advice for ordering and other great general information. I was impressed by the large selection of arrangements available! They have beautiful arrangements for kids, parties, and for that special person in your life! Order your arrangement online or call 1-877-DoFruit!

To Disclose: I was given this arrangement in order to complete this review. No monetary compensation received and honest opinions were given!