Thursday, April 29, 2010

Affordable Mail Order Cakes!

This year, I decided to take the easy way out and order Logan and Sam's birthday cake online. 1-800- Bakery offered to create their cake this year and all I had to do was search for artwork to grace the top of the cake. We had a pirate themed party and most of the artwork was too cartoonish and it just didn't work well with our decorations. Finally, I found a picture and Logan approved it. I sent it in and let 1-800-Bakery do the rest! Nervously, I awaited the cake's arrival. I'm the type of person that draws out a cake design and then hands it over to cake decorators and expects an exact duplicate. This wasn't easy. Our delivery day finally arrived and I carefully opened the box as soon as it was delivered. Slight damage occurred when I removed the collar that wrapped the cake. I took this picture just after I made repairs. This could have been avoided if I had taken a knife and worked it between the cake and the collar before I removed it. My fault completly! Also, during shipping, it seems that one piece of buttercream made it's way to the edible artwork. I repaired it with a little coloring. I was very pleased with the cake and Logan and Sam were too! The cake was very moist inside and the rich buttercream was very tasty. The frosting was a little firmer than my buttercream frosting and I really liked it. It wasn't too sweet (like mine can be) and the edible artwork seemed to melt into it, creating the best tasting pirate ship ever! Our party was perfect, and our traditional birthday cake exceeded my expectations. 1-800-Bakery has a large variety of mail order cakes, cookies, and more! Much, much more! Their cakes are affordable and they guarantee that you'll be satisfied. I'm already narrowing down my next order. There are so many things I want to try! Order now and save an extra 15% off any order from now until Mother's Day!
To Disclose: Logan and Sam were sent a birthday cake in order to complete this review. No monetary compensation received!