Friday, March 12, 2010

Unique Easter Baskets! Organic And Gluten Free Available Too!

Easter. It's one of my favorite holidays. I love picking out the perfect Easter basket for my children. But have you looked online? It seems that most sites offer the same baskets! I like my gifts to be unique. I don't want my children to end up with something ordinary. I want it to be special. Hopefully, my children will remember their Easter baskets long after the candy is gone. If you are looking for that special basket, check out Bon Vivant Baskets! I have received treats from Lana in the past. She is very talented and she puts a lot of thought into each and every basket!
If you are worried about having a basket shipped, let me just say, what you see is what you get. She packs her gifts with love and care, and when I received baskets at Halloween, nothing was out of place. Even the bow was perfect after it was shipped! If you are sending a basket to a loved one, you can trust Bon Vivant Baskets to make your loved one feel special. She has several baskets listed for Easter, and I was just informed that more designs are on the way!!! If you want an Organic Easter Basket, Gluten Free, or Low Sodium Gift, she has you covered. Chances are, she has what you're looking for. If not, she'll make it! My biggest pet peeve with other sites? You pay premium prices and end up with a lot of fillers. You are left scratching your head, wondering where your money was spent. That's not the case with Bon Vivant Baskets! Check her out. You can also find Bon Vivant Baskets on facebook!
To Disclose: I have a previous relationship with Bon Vivant Baskets. I was under no obligation to post this feature and no monetary compensation was received. She is a Georgia (Athens!) business owner and I support her! That, and she's got the greatest baskets around!

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