Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday After Bella Blooms!

Tuesday, I received Bella Blooms from my friends at Teleflora! You can read my initial review here. I wanted to keep you updated on this arrangement because when I order flowers for a loved one, I can only hope it lasts longer than a week. So here's the scoop! I have not been diligent about misting. I've had a very busy week and my flowers have stood by looking beautiful without any help from me. The tulips have remained beautiful. Often in my arrangements, they're the first to go. It's such a shame because they are one of my favorites! The roses have opened nicely and the lovely scent hasn't faded. The colors are as bright as ever and many of the flowers have (or have almost) reached their prime. The snapdragons are still mostly closed and I wonder if they will begin to open soon. Usually, I think of them as the finale, and they bloom just before the life of the arrangement comes to an end. One hydrangea blosson has wilted. The all pink hydrangea is still perfect. The wilted blossom had some touches of white on it's beautiful pink petals. I think I may remove it soon. You can see it in the picture below. The sides have fallen over and left a "hole" in the middle of the blossom. I think this arrangement will continue to look beautiful for a while longer! Watch for another update next week! I am pleased with Bella Blooms so far! It is lovely and it has brought a bit of Spring into my home, just in time for Easter! If you are looking for a gorgeous arrangement for Easter, it's not too late! Order from Teleflora and send someone you love the gift of Spring!
To Disclose: I have a long term relationship with Teleflora to review monthly bouquets. I am under no obligation to publish these follow up posts.