Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pinks and Greens and Butterflies

I love Spring. Unfortunately down here, Springtime is brief, and if you blink you can miss it. It's nice when you can find something that seems to make it last a little longer. The colors of this blanket and the butterflies in flight will remind you of Spring long after it's gone. This is the perfect blanket for girls! MiGi's Posy Butterfly Blanket features dancing butterflies in pinks, leaf green, and white. This 100% cotton blanket measures a generous 30"x40"! It's hand wash only, which is only a slight inconvenience, but it holds its shape and gets softer with each wash. This blanket is great for stroller rides. This soft knit blanket is sure to be a favorite and the beautiful colors will chase away the winter gloom. Visit MiGi and see shat they have to offer. Their products are great, and I have been a happy customer for years.

To Disclose: I was sent this blanket in order to complete this review.

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bonvivantbaskets said...

Beautiful. It feels like spring just looking at the picture.