Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Book Releases!

I love books. I hope that each of my children enjoy them as much as I do. Sterling Publishers is making it easy for children to love books with these great March titles. I received Maybe I'll Sleep in the Bathtub Tonight by Debbie Levy, with illustrations by Stephanie Buscema. This 24 page book of funny poems will have small children laughing themselves to sleep. I really enjoyed reading this book to Sam and Logan was able to read it with a little help from me. It's great for the 6-9 age range. Sam loved the bright pictures and the sing song rhymes within. I also received the classic tale of a boy and his adventures. The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, written by none other than Mark Twain. This book is illustrated by Robert Ingpen. The story hasn't changed, but the illustrations have. This book is beautifully illustrated and it really brings the characters to life. Logan isn't quite ready to take this book on, but as he skimmed the pages, he found himself pulled in. Maybe I'll be reading aloud before long. He is anxious to hear the tale. Buy these books online or in fine stores everywhere. They are a great addition to any growing library collection!
To Disclose: I received these review copies in order to complete these reviews. No monetary compensation received.

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