Saturday, January 2, 2010

Go Naked With LUSH, Or Wrap Things Up!

I'll never forget my first LUSH experience. I was visiting beautiful Victoria BC with my cousin and we were enjoying an evening stroll just before we departed. We caught a slight fragrance in the air and decided to follow our noses. Passing several shops, we finally reached the origin. We walked in and I decided right there, LUSH was coming home with me.
Years have passed and I can still remember slipping into a warm bath, scented by a beautiful bath bomb. Recently, I was sent a wrapped gift and a cool dusting powder to try! I received a Sweet And Dreamy Wrapped Gift and a Karma Dusting Powder. When they arrived, I admired the beautiful packaging and I hated to tear it open. The Comforter Bubble Bar is one of my favorites! It is a glorious pink and white bar that doesn't stain the tub. It's black currant fragrance is straight from fruitopia. LUSH recommends that you break the bar in half and use it for two baths! I used mine for four baths! Even though I spread it out, the bubbles were plentiful and my skin felt amazing afterwards! It definitely is comforting! The Honey I Washed The Kids Soap was my least favorite, but I don't like honey! However my honey does, and he loved it! I used it with a loofah and I liked what it did for my skin. The scent is mild and it seems to clean my skin very well. It's gentle enough for my face and it doesn't irritate! It seems to last, but this may be due to the fact that I don't leave it in the shower!
The Bath Bombs were, of course, the bomb! Vanilla Fountain and Waving Not Drowning not only lifted my spirits and relaxed my body, but blanketed me with fragrance that lasted throughout the day. So while chasing kids over excited by the holidays, I smiled more and fussed less. It's unfortunate that my oldest is still too young to realize what makes his mom chill out. A Mother's Day LUSH surprise would surely keep him out of trouble! I used A Ring Of Roses in the shower. I took a warm shower and turned the water off before using. I took my time running this softly scented buttercream all over my body. It makes your skin silky and soft. After rinsing, I noticed my skin wasn't stripped and seemed to be very moisturized. I also used this in the tub once, but I did not like it as much. Dreamtime is an herbal bath melt that is perfect for evening baths. It takes a while to melt, so don't use it if you are overly tired! It creates a luxurious milky bath that is packed with moisturizers. This was my first bath melt experience, and it won't be my last! And if you are tired of spilling massage oils, get Therapy! It's a massage bar that melts into your skin! I loved that it didn't leave a greasy trail behind!
I believe in spreading good karma. All over my body and all over my sheets! Spicy Orange, Lemongrass and Patchouli are a dream team of scents! The scent lingers for quite a while, which was great for me! Karma Dusting Powder is made with crushed chickpeas. It was a little coarse, but I loved how silky it made my skin and I LOVE the fragrance! It also seems to last! LUSH likes to keep their products naked, without packaging. But you can opt for a beautifully wrapped gift filled with treasures beyond belief! Get LUSH and see what a little flower power can do for you!
To Disclose: I was sent Sweet And Dreamy and Karma to review. These are my honest opinions. I received no monetary compensation.

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