Wednesday, January 20, 2010

CatGenie, A Greener Litter Box! And It's Cleaner Too!

I've had my CatGenie for a while now. It is nice that I don't have to worry about a litter box or litter box smells. The CatGenie is easy to use and very easy to set up. We put ours in a corner in the laundry room. Plumbing it in was simple. We have two cats, Maggie and "Mu" fasa. They were using a standard litter box, and as soon as it was removed, they began using CatGenie immediately. Our house never has cat odor, and the only time I smell the CatGenie is at the beginning of a cleaning cycle. Here's what I love about my CatGenie. You can set it to a cat activation mode. Ten minutes after the CatGenie has been used, it automatically cleans. There is a 14 hour clean mode with 10 hours of rest. Our rest cycle begins at night. If one cat uses the CatGenie, and the other cat uses it before the clean mode, the timer resets and cleans 10 minutes after last use. To clean, the CatGenie has a scooping arm that makes three complete passes. After dumping any solids, the arm returns to the bowl and helps wash the granules. The granules are washed and sanitized thoroughly and then dried. The litter has a nice clean smell and the "new" litter is warm and ready for use. The cleaning process takes at least twenty minutes. I haven't timed it, but we were all amazed at the process. When your litter gets low, you simply add more. The CatGenie cartridges are easy to change and you can pick an unscented version if you prefer. We love the fresh scent and will continue to use the scented version. The cleaning cycles are a little loud, but they are not annoying. I personally would rather listen to the cycles. It means that I will not be scooping litter! I keep a hand vac nearby, so the only clean-up is sucking up the granules that find their way out! The CatGenie is a little on the high side, but it costs less to run and it saves a lot of time. I have seen other expensive litter boxes out there, and they may "clean" the litter, but you still have to dump it. Also, the litter isn't washed between uses. Visit CatGenie for more information!
To Disclose: I was sent a CatGenie for review. No monetary compensation received.

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