Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Gift Idea: SPONGE Skincare!

As I've mentioned before, I always love to try new things, especially when it comes to lotions and potions and other skincare goodies! Never before have I enjoyed a review as much as this. It caused no weight gain and it left me blissfully happy. Sponge Skincare. The ultimate in skincare luxury. Last night, as I lay in bed, I was talking to my husband about how wonderful these products were. I usually don't carry my blog to bed, but this was worthy of a little pillow talk. I smelled really great and my skin felt even better! I was sent several samples, which is my only complaint! They are gone and I am left with only memories! I did manage to get a couple of full size products that have not yet made their way to shelves. The samples that I squeezed until they were empty, and then managed to cut open to make sure, were Galaktoma Somatos - body milk, Jambes Lourdes - anti-fatigue leg cream, Krema Niktas - night cream, Krema Triantafillo - rose + sage cream, and Ladi Avokanto (which I did not see on their site). Let me tell you about each of them! Ladi Avokanto is made with avocado, vitamin e and d. It is a serum that firms, smoothes, and helps diminish those pesky wrinkles that creep up on you when you're not looking. It gives you a nice, radiant glow! It looks like olive oil and it smells like a garden of herbs. It is my favorite product for the face and neck! During winter, my face changes drastically from combination to dry. This fantastic concoction gives my skin a boost and eliminates those winter blues. Did I mention how wonderful it smells!?! Next, let me mention my second favorite product! Krema Triantafillo. It smells amazing and it works as well as it smells. For your face, neck, and decollete, you use it morning and evening for best results. Made with rosehips and sage, this dream cream strengthens and protects while promoting clarity, radiance, and softness. It is 100% chemical free. While I did not witness any miracles in the short time I used it, I did find myself touching my face more because it was unbelievably soft. Next on my list was Krema Niktas. This night cream is absolutely divine. It was not as heavy as I expected, but it did the trick for me. My sensitive, break-out prone skin drank it up. It never irritated my skin and it didn't clog my pores. The natural herbal scent wasn't as intoxicating as the others, but it was still nice! It was made with St. Johns Wort, linden, and sage. Jambes Lourdes is an anti-fatigue leg cream. Holidays shoppers should stock up for a pick me up when they get home! Also you may want to pack some in your travel bags for those lucky enough to travel for the holidays! It is made from mastic, sage, and rosemary. The sample that I used was enough for almost three applications. I did notice that my legs felt better, less tired after the first use. If my legs were really aching, I'm not sure if this product would be powerful enough to cure my aches and pains, but it would be nice to try! Galaktoma Somatos. Thank you Sponge! Made with St. Johns Wort, peppermint, and olive leaf, this lightweight body milk nurtured my soul and moisturized my body and made me feel like a pampered goddess. I don't always moisturize after my hot showers and we all know what hot showers do to a body. I think I heard my skin scream thank you after application. Not really, but I felt so much better! I also tried two products for the eyes. I hate my dark circles and puffiness caused by sometimes late night blogging and Sam. Krema Mattia is an anti-wrinkle cream that will firm, smooth, and hydrate. I applied as directed and while my circles did not disappear, they were improved. My very fine lines were less noticeable because my under-eye skin was hydrated! Also, I awoke without any of my usual puffiness. I used this new product along with Gel Mattia, another under eye treatment. It's primary function is to reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles. I am not sure which product is ultimately responsible for my results, but I am extremely happy with both. They do not clog those little pores beneath your eyes and my eye make-up went on so much better! I highly recommend Sponge Skincare if you want to treat your skin! They make great stocking stuffers, and great under tree presents too! I'll take mine either way!
To Disclose: I received the samples and products listed above in exchange for this review. No monetary compensation received.