Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Gift Idea: Remote Control Truck For 2 Year Olds!

 This year, Logan will have a new remote controlled toy for Christmas. After searching the stores, I was unable to find one for Sam! Sam is already into Logan's toys. If Logan leaves his door open, Sam will stand outside and plot. When Sam makes up his mind about which toy he wants, Sam runs in and grabs it. Then he tucks it into his body like a football and runs as far as he can go before he will put the toy down to play. He very rarely gets away! But when he does, he usually has a truck or car with lots of sirens or lights. He loves cars and trucks! When I was contacted to do this review, I was so happy! Sam was going to have his very own Remote Control Monster Truck! Chicco's Billy Fun Wheels!
It features:
The first motion-controlled monster truck for preschoolers!
Intuitive steering wheel can be rotated left or right to steer the truck
Realistic engine, reverse capability, and honking sounds add to the fun
Headlights light up - all the better for those nighttime races before going to bed!
Rubber threads help prevent damage to floors
For children ages 2 years and up
Requires: 4 x AA 1.5V batteries and 3 x AAA 1.5V batteries (not included)
Billy Fun Wheels is the first motion-sensing remote control monster truck for children 2 years and up! The intuitive remote control is shaped just like a steering wheel, and it is perfect for little hands! Rotating the wheel makes the monster truck turn left or right. Arrows on the steering remote light up to help your child understand which way the truck will head. Engine sounds and working headlights add to the realism of "driving" the truck, and a fun honk warns everybody in it's path! I took this toy for a spin of my own and I was happy with the way it handled. It does well on wood floors, tile, and carpet! Pick yours up before Christmas! If big brother (or sister) is getting remote controlled cars or trucks for Christmas, shouldn't your little one? Trust me, Billy Fun Wheels will keep your little ones from plotting!
To Disclose: I was sent a Billy Fun Wheels in exchange for this review. No monetary compensation received.

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