Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Gift Idea: My Pillow Pets!

Several years ago, my cousin (the closest I have to a sister) took me on a cruise to Alaska and Victoria, BC. She had a dental conference, and I was the lucky one that could sleep in every day! I'm thankful that she didn't torture me and ask that I sit in on those meetings! At each port, I jumped at the opportunity to buy souvenirs for Logan. It was the first (and last) time that I was away more than a few hours. Guilt. I was overloaded with it! When we stopped in Victoria, I picked up a soft moose pillow. I thought it was cool, and so did Logan. Recently I found a much cooler moose to replace the last. While there are no memories attached to this new addition, this moose pillow is definitely a step up. It's bigger, softer, and much cuter than the last! But not so cute that my six year old leaves it behind. They are currently inseparable.
Sam on the other hand was given a frog a few days after he was born. His frog was meant to comfort him after a round of shots. My husband picked it up in a gift shop just before the appointment to be prepared. I guess he thought a newborn would appreciate it? Not quite sure. But the frog theme stuck. Sam's new frog really is appreciated and Sam's favorite activity is jumping on the frog or snuggling into the plush soft material. After countless jumps, the frog is still in perfect condition! It also cleans up well!
 Let me tell you a little more about Pillow Pets! They are high quality pillows that double as animal friends! They are made with super soft chenille! There are other animal themed pillows on the market. One even has a blanket stuffed inside. It is not as soft as this. Nowhere near as soft. My children love to snuggle with their new pillows. I have also been known to curl up next to one if I find one laying around. That doesn't happen often enough!The pillow opens flat, or you can Velcro the sides of the pillow to make it more like a pet with legs. See above picture? The Velcro strap is midway on the sides and when the ends are put together, it appears that the pet has 4 legs. When open, the sides are straight. The Velcro also features a tab which covers the Velcro when it is not in use, so your child will not get snagged by rough Velcro unexpectedly. When Sam is a little older, I must get him a frog backpack. It's super cute and perfect for toddlers! The animals are playful and fun, and there are so many designs! They also have blankets (I want one!), slippers (these too!), and neck pillows! If you are looking to keep your little ones warm through the winter, you can warm their bodies and warm their hearts with these great finds! Check out My Pillow Pets and fall head over heels for these cute animal friends!
To Disclose: I was sent two Pillow Pets in exchange for this review. Honest opinions (and comparisons) were given. No monetary compensation received.

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