Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Gift Idea: LIKEaBIKE!

When Logan began learning to ride a bike, he had a difficult time. The training wheels were wobbly, and they never really taught him anything. After they came off, Logan was left to learn all over again. Balance bikes teach your child balance. Logan received his first bike a few years ago. He later received a balance bike. We took the training wheels off his bike and set it aside. After having a wonderful time learning to balance, he picked up his bike and rode it the very first time! He was so proud. We were too! No falls or tears, just laughter and fun times. Logan loved switching back and forth between his traditional bike and balance bike, but it did not last long enough! After receiving a LikeaBike, I discovered that not all balance bikes are created equally. The balance bike we gave Logan was expensive, and the materials were pretty good, or so we thought. After a few months, the seat fell apart and the wood broke. My son was well below the height/weight limit and I was surprised that it didn't hold up! When I opened the box containing the Forest LikeaBike, I could not believe the difference! LikeaBike is made with thicker wood. It is so much sturdier than any balance bike I've seen. I could see this lasting for years. Here's more about Forest:
the masterpiece
very strong laminated beech wood
distinctive look with dark green cotton seat, green mudguard and grey felt
seat height adjustable from 12.5 to 16.1 inches
weight is 8.1 lbs
comes equipped with rubber handle grips
Logan test drove the LikeaBike and loved how well it handled. The seat and grips were comfortable. Sam played on it too! It was a little large for him, but he will be learning to balance in no time at all! Most children dream of new bikes for Christmas. Most don't realize that those bikes come with months of frustrations and tears! Help your child grow and succeed by giving them a balance bike first. LikeaBike may be pricey, but it will withstand the wear and tear from multiple children. It's easily adjustable and lightweight. Perfect for smaller and larger children! LikeaBike offers several styles to fit your child's needs! Check them out!

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