Sunday, November 29, 2009

"You'll Shoot Your Eye Out"

Christmas isn't Christmas without a few tales. One of those is A Christmas Story with that now infamous line, "You'll shoot your eye out." Ralphie convinces his parents to purchase a Daisy® Model 1938 Red Ryder® BB Gun. The rest is history. This year, I imagine many children will be convincing parents all over the world to make a similar decision. I will be among them as my child unwraps that legendary gift. Hardwood stock and forearm, it's beautiful in the eyes of little boys (and tomboys!) everywhere. It's recommended for children 10 and up with adult supervision. Why, you may ask, am I allowing my child to have one? He is in scouts, and every summer he goes to camp to shoot BB guns and a bow and arrows in competition. Every year he has missed his mark. We are hoping for plenty of adult supervised practice this year! For parents with sneaky kids, this box arrives without any tell-tale marks. The only give away is the length of the box. I removed the gun from the packaging to check it out. Now everyone from my little brother to my grandmother has owned one of these. I know that they are accurate and they are almost indestructible. My brother used and abused his for years. Bass Pro Shops has everything you need to make this the ultimate gift! They offer plenty of "ammo" and targets, so you can have your very own Christmas Story! Just be sure to keep the barrel pointed at the targets instead! Maybe you should consider protective eye wear just in case! FYI-The sale of BB guns and pellet guns is restricted by law in California, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, and New York. Visit Bass Pro Shops Online, or a store near you. Not only is it one of my favorite stops, it's one of Santa's favorite too!
To Disclose: Bass Pro Shops sent this Red Ryder BB Gun in exchange for this review.

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