Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Order Your Slanket Today! Shop QVC!

Cooler weather is here and it is time for my beloved Slanket to come out of hiding! I enjoyed my Slanket last year, and so did my little boy! We wore ours all the time! Logan took his out last week, and mine will make an appearance soon. If you don't own a Slanket, you should consider it! Save energy, go green. With a Slanket, there's no need to turn up the heat! I wear mine all over the house! I love that my arms stay covered and warm. Sure, this is possible using old fashioned throws. But can you eat popcorn, change the television station, and play games while using blankets to stay warm? Maybe, but your arms will be exposed! With A Slanket, you are covered! TUESDAY - 11/17 The Ultimate Slanket is a TSV on QVC(QVC.com) for a 24 hour special! Turn on your television and watch, then order! While you are awaiting your Slanket, pack up your throws. You won't be needing them anymore!

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