Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Gift Idea! Table Pad Factory!

As I sit here and write, I find myself thinking about Christmas. One of my favorite things about the holidays are the feasts, and Christmas is usually the greatest! During large family gatherings, we put several tables together so we can all sit around and catch up on each other lives! When smaller groups of friends and family gather, we end up eating in the dining room. We love to entertain, so we may have a small feast every week of December! Up until now, I have used protective padded tablecloths to keep my dining table beautiful. I was always nervous that a wine glass full of red wine would tip because of the padding. This year, my glasses will be more than half full! I think I'll fill them up and let the wine flow freely without worry! I will be protecting my tables in style thanks to Table Pad Factory! Growing up, we rarely used the dining room table. My mom was always worried that it would be damaged. Her table was special and it always sat unused, like her china and silver. Unlike my mom, I use everything. I don't save my table and china for special occasions because every day is special to me! I needed a better solution than my padded table cloth and I think I've found it! Table Pad Factory is the nation's leading table pad manufacturer, offering custom table pads that are second to none, simple to order and with warranties that no one else in our industry can match. Table Pad Factory offers the finest dining table pads, conference table pads, protective table pads, buffet table pads, custom table pads and table pad protection. Did you know that table pads have been around close to 100 years? It is one of the few items made today that has the same workmanship quality as was offered 50 or more years ago. Most of them made in that era are still functional today. As a matter of fact, they often outlive the table itself. Chances are your mother or grandmother had (or still has) one that you remember seeing over the years! As long as fine tables are being made, there will always be a need for custom-made table pads. There is not, nor will there ever be, a substitute that will adequately protect your table. Take it from me, padded tablecloths will not adequately protect your table! The money you might spend today on a custom made table pad will probably be one of your better investments in life. I have an idea how costly it would be to repair or refinish a table surface. I really want to avoid it! Any fine or simulated wood top can be easily damaged from setting down a sweating glass to accidentally dropping an object. Just ask my mom! At Table Pad Factory, the pads are customized to exactly fit your table, have a heavy-duty, washable leatherette wood grain or leather-tone surface, a cushiony soft velvet or cotton bottom and fold for easy handling and storage. They consist of a solid, lightweight fiberboard core that is basically unaffected by humidity and will not warp when standing upright, thereby saving storage space. Their greatest claim-to-fame is their patented magnetic locking system (MaganaLoc ™), which helps keep pad sections together and prevents slipping and sliding. MaganaLocs ™ are 100% user-friendly (unlike any other table pad locking device) and totally hidden and secured beneath a protective cloth surface, which makes it impossible for damage to ever occur to your table surface. Table pads are made to help protect fine furniture from scratches, heat and spills. The Table Pad Factory manufactures custom table pads that are 1/2" thick and have a 600 degree heatshield. The perils of everyday life threaten the surface of your treasured dining table. Give your special furniture the protection it deserves and order a custom table pad from TABLEPADFACTORY.COM! Protect your investment! If you are in need of a gift for the person that has everything, consider a beautiful table pad! It will allow that special person to use their treasured tables without worry! I ordered my new table pad recently. I will be receiving two table pads, one for my table without the leaf extensions and one for my table with all the extensions in place! I ordered Dark Mocha Leatherette with a Brown Velvet bottom! They will be arriving soon and I will tell you all about them! Stay tuned!
To Disclose: I received a discounted price on my table pads. This company is a pleasure to work with. Please note that these pads were not free. I was so pleased with the company that I wanted to share my experience and offered multiple review opportunities to spread the word!


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