Monday, October 26, 2009

Younger Looking Skin Is Only A Brushstroke Away!

I have been using mineral makeup for more than four years. I love it and I don't think I will ever go back to using liquid or cream foundations. I was pretty happy with my usual brand, but I like trying new products too! This was my first time using Dimitri James SKiNN mineral makeup. I have tried several of his products and I have been pleased with the results. A favorite is SKiNN's Orchid Gel! I was excited to receive SKiNN's Youth Veil Airbrush FX in exchange for this review. I hate opening mineral pots. The clear tab that covers the sifter is nearly impossible to remove. I kid you not, I have made several half an hour long attempts in my past which has resulted in raiding my husband's tools for pliers when I couldn't find my tweezers. As soon as I removed the lid on my Youth Veil, I was more than pleasantly surprised to see a long enough tab that enabled me to remove it the very first try. I swirled the minerals over my forehead and cheeks and I used a small amount around my nose. I used it under my eyes. I could not believe the difference! I suffer from dark circles. Anything that hides them is worth it's weight in gold! Youth veil did not let me down! Youth Veil Airbrush FX will help erase redness, shadows and dullness while lifting and plumping the appearance of facial contours. I cannot attest to the lifting and replumping because my face seems to be pretty firm (unlike other areas)! It's loaded with soothing and calming botanicals, and it doubles as an anti-aging treatment to offset the look of aging. The talc-free powder is extremely fine to re-create the soft, smooth, pore-free look of a professional airbrush machine. It doesn't sit on your face, it seems to become one with your face! I always use a primer before applying my minerals. I find that my makeup always goes on better and it lasts longer. The only thing I don't like about using minerals is the mess! Minerals are messier than liquids and creams, but well worth it. My skin is in much better condition and my complexion is bright and even! Try SKiNN. It is less expensive than other brands because they focus on the product, not the packaging!

Tip: I haven't tried this, but some mineral make-up users have reported fewer messes by reusing egg cartons! Simply tap some of your minerals in a carton (six pack is ideal) and swirl your brush inside. Tap off excess. Less mess on counters!

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