Friday, October 9, 2009

Safe And Natural

Long ago, moms used natural medicine derived from plants. You couldn't run to the store for Infant Tylenol or Orajel for those teething nightmares. Moms ground, extracted, steeped, and combined a little of this and that to create exactly what was needed. A few are still using the same techniques today. Hyland's has taken the guesswork out of preparing those compounds to make your life easier and worry-free! When Sam was a month old, I leaned on Hyland's to help me through the long days and endless nights. I first used their Colic Tablets to help soothe Sam's tummy. When I noticed they were tablets, I popped one in my mouth to see how fast it actually dissolved. Within seconds, the tablet melted leaving behind a very mild and pleasant taste. The Colic Tablets worked. I am not sure if it was the soothing Chamomilla or one of the other gentle ingredients, but it did the trick. When Sam began teething, we used Hyland's Teething Gel and Teething Tablets. The Teething Gel worked some, but I was much happier with the Teething Tablets. I keep them in his room and if he shows discomfort through the night, I give him a couple and he calms right down, mostly pain free-or so it seems. Since Hyland's worked so well, I decided to stock my medicine cabinet with Hyland's. I use their products for backaches, headaches, insomnia, and colds. After reading the ingredients, I felt better about using these homeopathic medicines. The products are gentle and they don't irritate my stomach. So far, I have been very happy with the results! Hyland's has a long and successful history of making safe and natural homeopathic medicines. Give them a try!

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