Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's Hip To Have Squares!

I have been living with two FLORs and I love them both! My original FLOR, the Sea Grass Stripe Rug Kit, has taken a beating with my two kids. It has held up to monster trucks and ride-ons, fruit pouches, milk, and juice. It's easy to clean. I simply lift a tile, take it to the sink, apply soap with a brush, and use my sink sprayer to rinse. Afterwards, I let it dry. Couldn't be easier and it beats taking out that monster carpet cleaning machine each time! My most recent FLOR is made of wool!!! The Best Of Both Wools in Suffolk Stripe is pictured above. I love natural fibers and when I was given the opportunity to receive one in exchange for this review, I jumped on it! This rug is being pampered and hasn't seen as much traffic. The great neutral colors go with most decors! It has proven itself by being easy to clean, and on one occasion, I was able to blot a juice spill before it set in. It's ultra comfy on my toes and the unique design has received many compliments! If you put it in a room and want a different look later on, reuse it in any room! The squares are easy to move. You can make a runner or smaller rug if needed! That's the beauty of FLOR tiles! Visit FLOR and dress up your rooms!

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