Friday, October 30, 2009

Hang With The Pros!

Take a peek behind any picture on my wall and you will discover extensive track marks. When I hang a picture, I have the hardest time guessing where to put the hangers. Sometimes I scrape a picture against the wall, leaving marks from the hangers behind. It should be easy from there, but it isn't. I take my first nail and try to put it in the center of the hanger mark. Next, I take my level and draw a line to where the other mark was made. Pounding the next nail into the wall, my hit is usually hard and the nail goes a little too far, disappearing between the wall. When I finally manage to get it right, I make an attempt to hang my picture. Either too far or not far enough. I dig out my first nail and the guessing game continues. by the time it really is right, I have made a connect-the-dots worthy of an advanced grade school workbook. I was given a great product to try and my days of guessing are over. The 12" Torpedo Level with Keyhole Locators has made my life easier! It extends to 16" for standard stud locating and it features 3 360 degree vials - plumb, level & 45 degree! My favorite and most needed feature? The 4 keyhole locators! Now I can "hang" with the pros!

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