Monday, October 12, 2009

Get Real With Snikiddy!

When was the last time you tasted a real chocolate chip cookie? I don't mean that secret stash of chocolate chip cookies made with artificial fillers and other ingredients you can't pronounce. I mean real, home baked greatness that would bring a smile to grandma's lips. I was given the opportunity to devour a package of All Natural Chocolate Chip Bites from Snikiddy Snacks. In my search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie, this one almost scores a perfect 10. The only reason it doesn't is because they are bite-sized. I was aware of this as I opened the package, but I was naive in thinking it was no big deal. Guess what?! It is!!!!! These cookies are the perfect consistency, with the perfect flavor. Not to crisp, and definitely not chewy. Melt in your mouth chocolate chips tempt your taste buds and send dangerous messages to your brain that a feeding frenzy is inevitable. Before you know it, the package is empty and you are searching for more. Try this must have snack that allows you to feel good about what you are missing. Namely, those long words that sound like they belong in a high school Chemistry textbook. Visit Snikiddy Snacks and learn more about their impressive assortment of natural and organic snacks!

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bonvivantbaskets said...

Even the box cover looks tasty! Yumm! And as soon as I saw "organic", my ears perked up. I'll be checking them out. Thanks, Julie, for letting us know about them.