Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We Are Going Looney!

Warner Bros. has partnered with Safeway to help you keep your kids on the road to healthier eating! To disclose, we received a cool insulated lunch bag filled with great new products from Team Mom in exchange for this review! Inside the bag we found a large microwavable container of Ravioli, mixed berry bar, mixed fruit cup, and a bottle of apple juice. The ravioli isn't the greatest for school lunches, unless your child has access to a microwave. You could heat it before school and place it in an insulated thermos. I think it would be a hit at dinner! I heated the container and Logan sat down to eat. He really loved the pasta. It was a two serving container and Logan ate just over half. I love that the pasta was made with whole wheat! Next, he ate the contents of the fruit cup. The plastic lid was difficult to remove. I do not think a smaller child could remove it without assistance. After a little struggle, Logan was rewarded with naturally sweet fruit! Nature's candy! The fruit was delicious and it smelled wonderful! Logan loved the sweetness and told me that the peaches and cherries were his favorites! He also loved the pineapple! He took a few sips of apple juice and described it as refreshing. It's made from 100% juice and it provides 10% of your child's daily calcium! Moving on to his Kids Mixed Berry Milk Chocolate Coating Chewy Bars, he unwrapped the package and was treated to a chocolate surprise! The bar smells like fruity candy. There are specks of fruit throughout the bar and the back is coated with thick, rich milk chocolate. The bar was gone before I could taste for myself. I would buy these products for my children. I think that the packaging is brilliant. Logan loves cartoons, especially Looney Tunes, and if Daffy Duck can tempt my child to eat his veggies, I am all for it! Eating Right Kids, which is an offshoot of Safeway's Eating Right Line for adults, has been formulated to standards based on the latest dietary recommendations and regulations from federal and state agencies. Their goal is to have a positive impact on childhood obesity. Visit Safeway and treat your tastebuds (and your child's) to a healthier selection!

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