Friday, September 25, 2009

Those Notorious Sonicare Mouth Tickles Are Coming To A (Smaller) Mouth Near You!

We are a family of Sonicare users, thanks to the new Sonicare for kids! My mom and my dad began using Sonicare years ago. I received my first as a Christmas gift while I was in high school. Before I married my husband, I gifted him with one too! I remember the first week or two that I used mine. Those crazy mouth tickles were almost too much to handle! But the stimulation my gums felt, and the deep down clean, made my mouth healthier than it had ever been before! After having kids, I decided they would use a battery operated toothbrush when they could begin brushing on their own. Logan has been using one for a few years now, but I know that it was never quite good enough. When he flosses, or I floss for him, his gums were not as strong and healthy as mine. When we were contacted to review the new Sonicare for Kids, I was ecstatic! Here's a little more info:

Philips Sonicare For Kids features custom modes (60 and 40 percent less powerful than Sonicare FlexCare) for different phases of development to ensure a gentle, yet effective clean

  • Low mode – For children ages 4 – 7
  • High mode – For children ages 7 – 10

Philips Sonicare For Kids features unique design that encourages interdependence

  • Ergonomic handle fits easily in child’s hand
  • Two gripping locations for training with an adult and independent brushing
  • Easy-to-find on/off button makes it simple to locate and press
  • Anti-roll feature allows for easy toothpaste application
  • Interchangeable front design panels so kids can change the look of their brush
  • Age-appropriate brush heads, available in two sizes, help accommodate children’s development
(credit Sonicare For Kids media site)

As soon as it arrived, I wasted no time in setting it up. The next morning, Logan chose one of three different stylish panels/plates to customize his toothbrush. After application, he admired the new look and loaded his brush with a little paste as I stepped back to watch. The familiar buzzing made him feel more grown up. He has always asked when he would be able to get a brush like mine. Now he thinks his is much cooler! Putting the brush to his teeth, he squirmed and wriggled, laughing as his gums were getting the message that they were in for the time of their life. Little beeps told him when to change quadrants. There are 2 modes. One is for ages 4 and up, the other is for 7 and up. There are also two brushes, one for each setting. After using the Sonicare, he told me how great his mouth felt. I did a quick inspection and was pleased with the results. A few weeks later, the tickles have faded into memories, along with the occasional bleeding gums from flossing. His gums are healthier than they have ever been. Visit them online for more information and to purchase from the Philips company store! Online shoppers can order/preorder from Amazon! You can also pick one up at a Target Store in October!

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