Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This Is How I Would Want To Be Swaddled

Oh boy! Another swaddle blanket. Seen one, seen them all. But not so fast. Before you skip over this post, I urge you to read on and discover why these baby blankets stand out. I have tried many different swaddlers and I have loved most of them. I'd be lying if I said anything different. But they are all pretty much built on the same concept. Generous squares of muslin cloth, some featuring a pretty edge. Swaddling is essential, in my experience, if you want a happy newborn. I recommend having several on hand before your baby's arrival. Swaddle blankets are great year round and the AAP recommends swaddling babies in lightweight fabrics, no matter what time of year, to reduce the risks of overheating. Did you know that SIDS actually increases in the winter time because parents tend to overbundle their little ones? By now, you have probably read all the benefits of swaddle blankets and the last thing you need is yet another voice in your head telling you more. So I'll refrain. I hope this post enlightens you in other ways, such as picking a blanket that's right for your baby.
I was sent The Solana Swaddle Wrap in exchange for this review. I received the SIGNATURE WRAP: The Ashley Solana Swaddle Wrap - Soft White Eyelet with White Satin Trim and I chose this one for it's overall gender neutral appeal. The fabric is a delicate eyelet, very lightweight. Silky smooth satin graces the edges. The blanket arrives rolled, tucked neatly inside a clear cylinder. The label (featuring instructions on the reverse side) separated the blanket from the packaging and it was tied with a white ribbon. This would make a very nice gift for any mom or mom-to-be. The Solana Wraps are 100% cotton. While I have stacks of Muslin wraps, this is one of my favorites for swaddling. The material is soft and gauzy, but the weave is much tighter and the eyelet is a very nice touch. The blanket gets softer with each wash and it doesn't seem as bulky (after washing) as it's muslin counterparts. The Solana Wrap is my personal preference because it seems more like a hybrid between traditional blankets and muslin. But that's not all you need to know.
They offer Organic alternatives that have taken swaddle blankets to a new level. Solana Swaddle Wraps created two very different types. One is a stretch, the other is SHEER! The Stretch Organic Solana Swaddle Wrap is ultra soft, 100% cotton knit, so it provides a little stretch and a little give. This has to be one of the most comfortable ways to swaddle your baby. Wrapped in a blanket that "gives" will allow your baby to be comforted by a close swaddle, yet not completely confined. This is how I image a baby in utero. Wrapped snugly inside the womb, but with a little wriggle room. I think the Stretch would be the next best thing, likely providing a familiar environment. The other option is the Sheer Organic Solana Swaddle Wrap. They are translucent and breathable, and ideal for spring and summer or warmer climates! These wraps are so different from any other wrap. So will it be sheer innocence or will it be a stretch? Or will you decide to go with the original? Visit Solana Swaddle Wraps and decide for yourself!

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