Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Simply Chickie, Simply Chic

I love clothes, however, I rarely indulge in the female ritual of meeting up with my girlfriends and hitting all the sales. To me, online shopping is best. I can sit at my computer, sip a cup of hot tea and browse an endless selection. There are no bags to carry, no aching feet or tightly packed parking lots filled with women on a mission or miserable men waiting on wives and girlfriends. Since making the jump from me to mommy, the new and I hope improved version of me, I have a new passion. It takes the form of tiny tees and onesies and little knotted hats. Baby and toddler clothes to be exact.
I love discovering new designers. Sometimes, I find a site that brings me to a screeching halt. Meet Simply Chickie. Glorious brainchild of Gwen Designs. Clever graphics that bring a smile to my lips. I received a "Plays Well With Others" onesie just for Sam in exchange for this review. It was a tough choice to pick just one. I also loved "Inside Me I've Got" onesie. From the moment I read green stuff, dog hair, and something about a raisin, I knew I'd found a winner in this site.
The onesie that we received was just a little large for Sam. I ordered it that way. I would say that it is true to size. The organic onesie is soft, just like a well worn tee. The great news is that it gets better with time. Wash after wash, the graphics maintain their colors and so far there are no signs of wear. I hate buying tees with graphics only to have them shed their designs after a few washes! I have been really pleased! Artistic talent runs deep in her lines, and Gwen has created a masterpiece in Simply Chickie. She is definitely showing the world not only her true colors, but unique designs and a brilliant spark of G rated humor. She has read the minds of defiant toddlers and foretold events on many of her tees. Visit her and see what I mean!

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