Monday, August 3, 2009

UMI Shoes...For Those Rough And Tough Years!

It's almost time for school! Want a shoe that can handle the playground and more? Want a shoe that doesn't fall apart halfway through the year? So do I. And I finally found a shoe that makes the cut. I received a pair of Umi Shoes for each of my kids. Sam, my youngest, is only 16 months old. He has figured out walking and he has enjoyed chasing his older brother around. Aside from a few trips and falls, he hasn't abused the shoes very much. Unless you count that very large mud puddle he found a few weeks back! Sam received the Sail design pictured above. His feet are growing rapidly and they were a little large when we first received them. They are a little snug now. The fit was wonderful when he "grew into" them and they seemed comfortable. Meaning, he didn't object when I put them on his tiny feet. If a shoe doesn't fit right, he is very vocal! I love these shoes. There is a rubber grip on the bottom. They remind me of an expensive pair of men's driving shoes. The leather bottoms are durable and the shoe is very well made. At only $35, it's a steal. They clean up well and now that his foot is really too large (sniff sniff) for the shoe, they are still in like new condition and they can be passed down to my next child.
Logan received a pair of Trek sandals. My oldest is very hard on shoes. He splashes in mud, runs through the grass and dirt, plays on the playground, and gets into anything and everything that he can. The first week that we had these shoes, I was very protective. These were his "nice" sandals. After forgetting to remind him to take them off one day, he managed to really put these shoes to the test. When he came inside, covered with dirt and grime, I realized what had happened. After he removed his shoes, I took them to the sink and wiped away remnants of our backyard. Surprisingly, they were in perfect condition. The next time he wore them, I didn't hesitate to let him run free outside. I didn't clean them immediately, but waited several weeks to check the damage. Again, the shoes remained pristine. No scuffs, n stains, no marks of any kind. It's a little miraculous if you ask me. Unlike other shoes I've bought, these shoes are holding themselves together. No separations, no unraveling seams! Even though he has a slightly wider than your average foot, these fit comfortably and did not give him blisters. The shoe seemed to be very supportive and my son loves them. They are a bit pricey at $60, but you only need one pair. These will not need to be replaced until your child grows to the next size. Umi shoes have won me over. They have passed the ultimate test-my two very active kids. And they still look good as new! If you want to pick up some great footwear for your child, shop Umi! With shoes for baby, boys, and girls I have only one complaint. They forgot about mom and dad's feet!

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