Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tired Of "Shelling" Out Big Bucks For Baby Gear? Get A Sprout Shell!

Okay, so you may not be famous with a need to shield your baby from glaring camera flashes and too close paparazzi, but a cover-up is nice. I know it's hot outside now, but just wait. Cool weather will be here before you know it. Don't let the frost settle on your little bundle! Cover that infant carrier with a Sprout Shell! I received a gorgeous Show Your Stripes Sprout Shell! It is made of 100% cotton! The lightweight cotton is vibrant and colorful, and it is easy to use. I was most surprised by it's versatility. The Sprout Shell is an infant carrier cover, nursing cover, shopping cart/high chair cover all rolled into one! As the saying goes, killing several birds with one stone. You'll save a lot of money! More importantly, you don't need to transform it into these other products with belts and snaps, or hard to read instructions. Simply Shell Your Sprout! The Sprout Shell is machine washable and it really holds up well. And that's very important, since this is one item you will use frequently! I think the Sprout Shell is a great idea and it would make a wonderful shower gift. Shield your baby from the best and worst of Mother Nature. Provide a comfortable, safe and secure environment for your little one! And do it all without shelling out the big bucks! This is one product that won't get left on the seat!

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