Monday, June 1, 2009

With Bumkins, It's Easier Than You Think!

When I had my youngest, I was prepared to buy many packages of disposable diapers. One afternoon, shortly after my son was born, I discovered an online site selling adorable diaper covers. They even had a little g on the back which was perfect since my last name is Gerber. After ordering a few, and the flushable liners they recommended, I tested them out. These flushable diapers were better for the environment, and the cloth covers were cute. A few weeks and many diaper changes later, after I ordered enough covers and flushable pads to carry my newborn through diapering, I decided that I was not completely happy. It seemed that I was washing those cute little covers every day! Those flushable liners seemed to leak every time I used them and I was more than a little annoyed by it. It seemed we were already "cloth diapering" to an extent, why not go for it? My husband wasn't sure if he wanted to participate. I really wasn't sure either and I wondered what I was getting myself into. I mean changing cloth diapers seems pretty nasty, doesn't it? But the diaper covers had already given me a taste of cloth diapering. How hard could it be?
I have used several different brands since then. Bumkins has never let me down. They offer several different types of diapers. Soft, fluffy bamboo is a favorite of mine. I use bamboo at night. The natural fiber breathes, and my little guy hasn't had a diaper rash yet! Over the bamboo, I use a wool diaper cover. While Bumkins doesn't offer a wool cover at this time, they do have the most luxurious Bamboo Fitted Diapers around! They also offer waterproof covers, which can be used with their Bamboo Fitted Diapers! For those wanting an easier way to clean diapers, order a few diaper liners. They are soft, and placed between your baby and the diaper, those nasty diapers clean up with ease. Just toss or flush the liner and place the used diaper in the pail. They are not a necessity. With them, clean up is easier. Without them, a quick shot with the diaper sprayer is all it takes.
I am new to contour diapers. I have used waterproof covers with boosters and old fashioned pre-folds in the past. I loved Bumkins Contours. They are soft and they lay right on top of a waterproof cover. No Velcro, no snaps. The cover holds it in place. Bumkins super-absorbent Contour Diapers are made from two soft layers of cotton or bamboo knit and they feature a microfiber pad sewn between the exterior. The internal microfiber pad is absorbent and the exterior provides breathable, natural comfort for baby's skin. It's unique shape and elasticized leg gussets create a concave interior that effectively contains moisture and waste!

For those that want it simple, pick up a box (or a single!) of All-In-Ones! They have a silky waterproof shell that stays soft without breaking down in the wash. Six layers of absorbent 100% cotton flannel inside is perfect for moderate wetters. Heavy wetters may need a booster, and Bumkins offers a wonderful range! All-In-Ones are designed with an airflow panel for easier laundering and quicker drying. Since they are all-in-one, there is no pocket to stuff. Everything stays together in the wash! They feature sturdy Velcro closures for a quick and adjustable fit and they are PVC, Phthalate, and Vinyl Free. Bumkins All-In-Ones really stand out. They offer a wonderful variety of adorable prints!

Bumkins has also introduced a line of natural and organic bibs and blankets, towels and washcloths. These high end luxury accessories won't set you back a pretty penny. Super soft and free of harmful chemicals, these darling accessories give your little one the safest start possible! Don't be intimidated by cloth diapering. If you are in need of hand holding, contact me. If you're in need of great cloth diapers, visit Bumkins!

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