Thursday, June 4, 2009

Imagination At Play!

What are you looking for when you buy a toy? Safety is my number one concern, followed by originality and creativity. I want a toy that will capture my little one's attention and allow him to explore different sights and sounds. Interaction is a must. One collection of toys will really get your baby moving! Get ready for a great time with NooBoo Toys from Manhattan Toy! The NooBoo Pound A Sound is a wonderful soft fabric toy that will brings smiles and laughter to your home. This toy features a colorful plush hammer and a soft fabric "tray" filled with surprises! With playful pounds of the "hammer" your baby will hear a variety of sounds or get a pop-up surprise! We received NooBoo's Symphonic Stacker and Big Top Sounds. The stacker is a sensory extravaganza, which will help your child develop motor and problem-solving skills. As your baby places each soft ring over the post, your baby will hear a different sound which reinforces cause-and-effect learning. Big Top Sounds is definitely a favorite! "Roar" goes the plush lion every time your baby drops him into the colorful circus tent. When the lion is removed, your baby hears the word "lion". The toy includes an elephant, seal, lion, and a monkey. Batteries are included with each of these toys and they seem to last! The fabrics are high quality and seem durable enough to stand up to the most active children! Visit Manhattan Toy and let your imagination play!

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