Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Dressed Up Delivery With Pretty Pushers!

When I had my C-sections, I wore old hospital gowns which were worn out and tired, just like me. My first pictures with each of my children were not that attractive. Of course it didn't help that I was waking up after general anesthesia! If Pretty Pushers had been around back then, I would have had a dressed up delivery. Even though no pushing was involved, I would have delivered in style!
The design is brilliant. It is very simply made. The gown features a comfortable and stylish halter style top and the bottom is generous and flowing. The gown is extremely lightweight. Made of 100% cotton, this gown is soft and cozy. The back is low cut and it will not interfere with your epidural. The front will accommodate electronic monitor placement. The ties are all adjustable. It is really a one-size fits most. I think a size 2 or 4 can wear it as well as a size 14 or 16!
I love the gift packaging! This pregnant mommy profile box is unique and inside you will find a Pretty Pushers Delivery Gown and Matching Headband, Wipe-Out Lemon Water Towelette, Get Ready To Rub-Heated Massage Oil, and a Picture Perfect Pink Sheer Gloss and Mirror!
Some of you may be dreaming of coffee by now! I know that many women ditch their beloved drink when they are expecting! Celebrate your day with I Dream Of Coffee! It is the newest gown in the line up! Same great design, same great style! Hey! I am thinking their next design should include a little bubbly! Visit Pretty Pushers and look for stores and online retailers under their "Where To Buy" Section! Pretty Pushers will help you look your very best when you finally meet your little bundle of joy!

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